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If you’re looking to improve your health or recover from illness, then we have organic products and movement programs shown to have superb health benefits.

At Yoganics, we offer health coaching and a range of organic products to boost your well-being and get you physically tip-top.

You can choose to attend one of our Yoganics movement sessions or order our health-boosting products from wherever you are in the world.

If you want a coaching package then contact us and you’ll be allocated your personal advisor to guide you to optimum health.

Your health is our business

The modern world is having an increasingly negative impact on our health and fitness goals.  That’s why we have a 360 degree approach to you feeling GREAT again.

Alongside our organic product range, we have movement programs and coaching that help you make achievable goals and life-style changes that leave you feeling marvellous.

Herbal Subscription

Keep your health goals consistent with a subscription to our health product range.  Join up to our subscription service and receive regular orders at discounted prices.


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Wild Flower Healing

Wild Flower Healing

Many people are unaware of how much healing is all around in nature.  If you take a walk in the woods you'll come across some of the most potent wild flowers and plants that can be made into medicines that are used by thousands of people to heal ailments from...

Positivity Is Catching

Positivity Is Catching

Positive Psychology is showing us how important encouragement is to each and every one of us. When we're around others our mood is infectious and we can lift a room or bring it to its knees with our personal vibe. The question is…is your mood a positive or negative...

Digital Health

Digital Health

As we solider on to the 2nd decade of the 21st century the debate about digital health rages on. How much phone and computer use is healthy? Well according to the experts we're not only suffering physically from our devices but socially...we're all devolving into less...

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