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You’re only one click away from starting a new life free from anxiety. Let’s get you going in the right direction.

How We Help

Online Therapy

Just fire up your computer, phone or tablet and your therapist will be there to greet you when you login.  It’s shown to be just as effective as ‘in person’ therapy.  We’ll help you set everything up.  Simple!

Telephone Therapy

Talk to a therapist from wherever you are.  Phone therapy is convenient and easy.  You can take yourself to a quiet corner of the beach or a peaceful park and get the support you need.

Messaging Service

Sometimes you just don’t want to talk face to face or via phone; that’s when email and messenger service becomes your go-to method of communication.  Easy, quick and responsive.

Why Choose E-Therapy?


Therapy without leaving home or the office. No travel, zero additional costs, less hassle.

24/7 Help

We work on YOUR time.  That means someone on-hand when you’re struggling or need weekend/evening calls.


We have less overheads and pass on te savings to you.  That means therapy at less cost than ‘in office’ options.


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